“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”
― Marc Riboud


Hello and welcome to Foques Photo! My name is Arseny, and I would love a chance to tell you about who I am.

  My journey began many years ago in far North Asia and brought me to Europe. Later, I found myself moving to the Beautiful United States, Chicago, Il. After 17 years of servicing Midwest, I found myself in what I hope to be my permanent home - Maryville, TN.

   My trusty Nikon catalogued my travels from the far icy deserts of Siberia to the canals of Venice and has been part of my life for a long time. While Maryville is my home at this time, I am no stranger to travel even now, finding myself on the road to a new shoot often. As I make my way through the artistic landscapes of the United States I am always looking for an opportunity to partner with incredible, inspiring, and talented people and striving for more.

   A musician at heart, I gravitate to live music and find my artistic endeavors have often intertwined with those in that sphere and I cannot imagine being apart from it.

   I have been lucky to have an opportunity to work with and learn from some amazingly talented photographers; James Law, Matt Burn, Peter Hurley and Jerry Ghionis being the biggest influences on my style.

   When I shoot, my goal is to show the very nature of my subject. I rarely allow myself to slip into old and comfortable shoes of the standard shooting and processing as I believe it takes away from the real message; I always look for a new perspective.

   There is no project too crazy, there is no vision too silly. If you have an idea, contact me! Let's work together!